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Coins of Laos Kip

It is the picture of the Laos coins that I collected during Laos travel.
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Ten Kip Coin (Kip 10) National mark of Laos
Obverse: Farmerette who has rice ear and sickle
Kip 10 FACE
Reverse: National mark
Kip 10 BACK
National mark of Laos
National mark of Laos
Twenty Kip Coin (Kip 20) Fifty Kip Coin (Kip 50)
Obverse: Farmer who cultivates rice field by using buffalo
Kip 20 FACE
Reverse: National mark
Kip 20 BACK
Obverse: Fish
Kip 50 FACE
Reverse: National mark
Kip 50 BACK

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