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  • Cambodia Currency (Riel)
  • China Currency (Yuan)
  • India Currency (Rupee)
  • Japan Currency (Yen / ¥)
  • Loas Currency (Kip)
  • Myanmar Currency (Kyat)
  • Nepal Currency (Rupee)
  • South Korea Currency (Won)
  • Taiwan Currency (NT$)
  • Thailand Currency (Baht)
  •   Coin collection
  • Coin of China (Yuan)
  • Coin of Hong Kong (HK$)
  • Coin of India (Rupee)
  • Coin of Japan (Yen)
  • Coin of Laos (Kip)
  • Coin of Myanmar (Kyat)
  • Coin of Nepal (Rupee)
  • Coin of Singapore (S$)
  • Coin of South Korea (Won)
  • Coin of Taiwan (NT$)
  • Coin of Thailand (Baht)
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  • Banknote of Australia (Made by Polymer)
  • Banknote of United States of America
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    World Temperature
  • Coin of British (£)
  • Coin of Canadian
  • Coin of France
  • Coin of Italy
  • Coin of Greece
  • Coin of Soviet Union (USSR)

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